Southern Style Sweet Tea

How to make Southern-style Sweet Tea


2 Luzianne Tea bags

1 1/2 cup sugar

1 1/2 qt. boiling water

beverage breakfast cake chilled


go ahead and boil your water in a 2-3 qt. pot on top the stove.

Once its at a boil drop in the tea bags reduce heat to med-low let simmer at a low boil for about 1-2 mins OR until the water has turned dark enough, you can no longer see through the liquid. (the low simmer is going to bring out that rich tea leaf flavor)

you can let it sit for another 5 mins before adding your sugar to a 1 gallon tea jug then pouring the warm tea directly over the sugar, stir til well mixed then add water to fill jug, stir again til mixed.

Simply, refrigerate or serve warm. But us Southerners prefer warm tea poured over ice. Garnish with sliced lemon or mint leaves.