Thankful It’s Thursday Y’all!

Mid-Autumn Scenery from Helen, Georgia

Have a Safe Wonderful Thursday! I just seen the first signs of Fall here in Georgia as the Leaves are falling all around! I can not wait, my favorite time of year. If you haven’t ever been before you should visit Helen, Georgia at this time. The Leaves are like a Natural Anomaly, Beautiful beyond words  and breathtaking scenery.

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Trendy Short Hairstyles for 2019

Did you know there is a TON of bob styles?….Inverted, Lob, Short, Long Layered, etc….

That list goes on and on, so if you’re looking for something along the lines of a bob style, do your research and find out exactly  which style. Hair Care Specialist can’t be held accountable for inability to mind read.  Check out some of the top styles I have found and get a better idea of what I am blabbing about.


Voluminous  Chin Length Layered Bob

It’s very rounded off and looks great on ladies who have long oval face and petite features.

Very easy to maintain, wash and style dry with hot then cool. Flat iron any unruly strands.

Give some depth with low lights and bring out the natural texture. LOVE IT!


This is a few other styles and versions of the bob, I personally have had probably all of them at one time or another, I keep my hair short as possible.

Balayage Uneven Long Length Bob

Other names include, but not limited to as “stacked” “long front short layered back” The cut is cute for natural wavy hair types. Straight hair does NOT look so well with this cut. Looks amazing on anyone with any facial structure or shape.

Short Even Inverted Bob

Its sleek and very even. Perfect for straight hair. Easy to manage quick dry and style. Highlights or lowlights could give it a little more depth if its missing something for you. smoothing out the ends with a straightener will give it the shiny sleek look these ladies achieved.


Shoulder Length Banged Curly Lob (long Bob

stylish and subtle for those not wanting to go from long to short slowly. works well for curly and wavy hair types because it does have some uneven choppy cuts in it. This lady pulled it of perfectly!



Above, Long Length Layers Lob with Subtle LowLights

We southern ladies love a bob, it keeps us young and tames the wild hair we would have without one, lol. Know your bobs dolls.