Happy Humpday!

ALMOST OVER the hump and even though we had an extra day off, I have to say I am exhausted! I will be working hard on some freebies and other things for you. Seen this adorable quote and thought I would share with y’all! Thank you fine folks!

"Biscuits & Gravy" www.bellaandbeaus.com

Hometown Macon, Ga.


Macon’s Downtown Food Scene

Resturants, Beer, Pubs, Burgers, Fresh & Organic

This is my hometown, Macon, Georgia. It is approximately 1.5 hours south of Atlanta. Fairly large area with many unique places to dine, If you want an Authentic Southern Dining experience, then stop here for one of many choices. I will share much more of my hometown and history, but today is all about the food! Thanks for stopping in. Please remember to subscribe for your monthly news!