My name Is Krystal Etheridge of Macon, Georgia. I am a mother of two boys Ryan, 14, 2015-05-14 10.22.43loves to skateboard, play video games and makes mom proud with Academic honor roll throughout the school. Karter, 3, is moms little ball of energy. His favorite things is big brother time, stalking the next door neighbors and candy. I recently left a career as a Physicians Assistant of 10 years that I absolutely was obsessed with, then I decided to trade it in for 5 uninterrupted years with my baby.  God has provided for my family and I every step of the way,  We have not gone a day without anything we want or need, every single bill we owe has been on time. I want to share with you how I have managed to do all that by merely budgeting and spending time with my children. I have researched and discovered so many fun and interesting things in recipes, places, and Diy projects. I will share all with you. This blog is simply the love of Southern Lifestyle and how one southerner lives it.


This is Karter Bentley on his very first family vacation to the Smokey Mountains & This is my eldest son Ryan Kaden with Thomas Carlton, his stepfather and my fiance, I have been very blessed with healthy children and a man willing to step in a be the dad he didn’t have to be.  You will learn as I continue posting that I am someone who is a firm believer in miracles, God’s hand in our everyday lives making things happen. I am amazed at some of the silliest things to some people. But nothing happens out of pure coincidence, now that would silly.  God’s provided me with everything I could ever need in my family, faith, and friends. Now I get to add to that list, my followers!

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