How to sell clothes on eBay basics

Ebay secrets that get your clothes SOLD!

This is just some general rule of thumb basics you want to use when reselling on eBay or any other market online. It will save you tons of time and money. As a reseller, I can tell you this is a helpful guide, I earn on avg. $250-$350 a month reselling clothes. I only do it in my spare time. I can’t even imagine what kid of money I would make if I put 8 hours a day in. But I wouldn’t make what I do if I didn’t do all the prep work before. I am going to start a category just for you resellers and helpful resources, so follow, like and share. Most of all subscribe to email because that is how your going to know when I post a resource for you to grab. You can count on dependable income from this side job, if you have the time and patience to do so.


  • Research
  • Launder
  • Photos
  • Description
  • Publish
  • Respond
  • Package

Below is a more in depth look into the process.  I used this chart below as my basic ebay store rules. It kept me making a steady flow of income and tons of great feedback.


How to sell clothing

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