Legit Ways to Make Money Online (no startup cost)

Need extra cash? Have internet and spare time? Here’s how:

You are going to run across a lot of schemes and gimmicks out there, promising you can work from home and it is easy money.

However, since the internet has become as social and productive as walking out your front door. There is a variety of jobs or “task” that require little time and no investment on your end. I have listed some skills and jobs that can be found on a regular basis. They all are good ways to make some extra side income, with some discipline and building a good rep with some of these companies, you maybe able to establish a full-time income out of these skills.

#1 Freelancing Writers, Web Design and SEO specialist

There is a real need for all three of these skills and I see them all the time on sites such as ELance, Freelancers.com, Upwork, fivver.com, etc. The list goes on and on. Forbes.com has an amazing list if your really wanting to dive in head first, building profile and bidding on projects.

#2 Virtual Assistant

This is similar to freelancing, except your more less doing clerical, errands, scheduling, returning calls, confirming appointments for a requesting company or individual. This is perfect for a well-organized, resourceful, reliable person. Those will be some of the skills that will stand out. Want to check this out even further? check these sites out : fancyhands.com, Flexjobs.com, Indeed.com

#3 Sell Online

Consign your clothing you no longer wear to places like thredUp, Swap.com. Sell independently on marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, Poshmark, letgo and numerous mobile apps between apple store and google play.

#4 Paid Surveys

This has received a lot of negative vibes in the past. Online Surveys used to be a scam for creating unwanted email spam, pop ads, never-ending survey after survey sites and the ones that end with “now complete a paid offer” total scams. These I have tried and received payouts for, they are legitimate. Survey Junkie, Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks, Toluna & Survey Rewardz. You will need a paypal account if you want cash or some allow you to choose from a selection of gift cards. They are not get rich overnight, but it helps me at least put up a few gift cards as christmas gifts.

#5 Tutoring

If you are fluent in multiple languages, standout in a certain subject or have a prior history teaching or tutoring, you may find these sites helpful Tutorocean.com, tutor.com, chegg.com. Just set up your profile and from there it’s getting matched through the company’s platform. I have seen pay up to $26/hr. could be worth looking into further if you have teaching or tutoring skills

This is just a small list to get you started. I suggest writing out a plan of action and keeping a resume handing for some of these platforms. The more info you can give about yourself and skills, the more likely an employer will choose you. Don’t quit your day job or anything but everyone I listed does payout for what you do. It could be a good extra income for savings account, Holiday season or vacation expenses. I have made anywhere from $50-$350 a month dappling around maybe once a week.  Thank you so much for reading and check back for more details on earning online.



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