Ebay Reseller Tips

General Rules to follow for quick easy and Profitable Sales.

1. Be Honest.

If your selling pre-owned or used items, then be completely honest about the condition. Because most buyers are expected a “Like New” unless otherwise stated in your listing. The hassle of returns and refunds can cut into your profits so badly, it could take months to even back out. Example: I sell clothing and shoes mainly, if they have been washed and worn I list it clearly in the description. If there is a spot you had to sew up from a previous hole, I would list that as well. Buyers want perfection at rock bottom prices. That statement is just me being completely honest with you.


2. Pick Easy to ship Items.

The primary reason I choose to sell clothing is because its light enough to ship first class or flat rate packaging most of the time.  These items are easier to sneak the shipping into the price of the item and then list as “Free Shipping” which gives you an 11% increased chance of sale. Jewelry items of poplar brands are also profitable items and have many of the same benefits. Make up brands ranging from Urban Decay to philosophy are moneymakers as well.



3. Is eBay the right place for your items?

It’s best to save your battery operated, video game consoles or anything requiring testing to be sold on something more like craigslist or letgo. Buyers tend to get them say they don’t work, rather than return it, they want you to issue a partial refund so they can get it repaired. eBay is very, very PRO Buyer, your never going to win no matter how right you are. I suggest not listing that time of item on eBay.


4. Research & Note Intel.

I highly recommend spending a go portion of your time just from a buyers point-of-view. Go through eBay categories and see what items similar to yours sale for. (not what they are listed for, because so people are delusional) filter your results to show SOLD only items. that’s the most logical and best estimate of what you will make on your item.



5. Learn your Seller Fees schedule.

eBay has several tiers of seller fees, check yours and remember that those are coming out of each sale. You will see several fees deducted starting from seller fees, final fee value, paypal transaction fee and paypal has their own separate fees. It can total up plus shipping charges can carry a fee, even if you charge less that the actual shipping cost.Its complicated and can put a dent in your profits, that is why I suggest learning to calculate those fees before pricing.


6. Word for the Buyer.

Meaning you such title and describe the item as if you were a buyer searching for that item. Instead of listing AG Nikki Fit Denim, say “women’s relaxed fit jeans by AG”. eBay has this super annoying new algorithm. It is going to list top results matching what the buyer enter in the search field. This is another research project in which its best to go back in eBay time and see what things sold. What did they say for the title? What was the keywords used? Also I will be offering a guide with all the free SEO tools out there to improve your luck!


7. Stalk some of the Top Sellers.

I am guilty of looking up poplar big name sellers and mocking their moves, because lets face it, they didn’t get to be that way by doing things wrong. I check up on there titles, items, prices, the days they list (actually matters A LOT!), the return policies, ship times. I literally shadow them and learn from what they are doing. I have even messaged a few and asked what they can tell me by looking over my store, what I may be doing wrong? usually they are eager to help, if not don’t take it personally some are just busy and dont have the time or dont want you out doing them with their own tricks, lol.

GOOD LUCK and stick around for MUCH MORE!

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